​​​​​A picture is worth a thousand words...


The ability to have clients view your home on-line and decide whether or not they like it, is a huge improvement over past practices. While you don't have to vacuum the entire house every time someone wants to see your house you still have to get their attention quickly if you want to get  their interest. A picture can bring a client to your door or make them run the other way.

Selling your home is a personal thing. It's like putting yourself on display. I know that, and I strive to put your home in it's best light, no pun intended. High dynamic range (HDR)  gives the most color, vibrance and depth to your photographs.  In addition to photos, I offer videos of your home. These can include aerial drone images. I am a certified drone pilot.

If you don't know where to start, let me help you. I can give you pointers to stage your home using what you've got... and what you need to get rid of! I'll be glad to arrange a pre-shoot visit to give you suggestions for priming your presentation.